How does Organization Name Override work in RTP?

In order to improve our targeting abilities, once a known lead has visited your website, we will override their company name by using their email domain.

This way, even if the visitor is not currently at the office, but visiting your website from their house, instead of appearing as an ISP (Comcast Cables / AT&T..) they will appear as coming from the company associated with the email domain they used.

For example, someone is known in Marketo Lead Database as '' – once they have visited your website, they will show up as coming from Example Corp even if they are not currently at the office.


IP based geo-location targeting has a 95% accuracy rates for country level and around 85% for states which is why you may sometime see discrepancies.

Location identification is not 100%, especially with ISP’s.

Given this information, the visitors might be at their home using an IP that is registered as in the wrong city and sometime even state.

Once we override the company name, they will still appear as coming from their company but a wrong location.