How Can Leads Submit Forms Without all the Required Information?


I have leads that are getting created without providing information for fields which I have made required.



Marketo's field validation makes use of javascript. Most browsers have javascript enabled by default so this should be fairly rare, but a user could change their settings and turn javascript off. This would allow them to submit a form without providing all the required information. 

This situation may also occur if a lead submits the first progressive profiling form and subsequently submits a second form with different questions, while also changing the email address (indicating either a different person using the same PC or the same person with two email addresses). Marketo will generate a new lead record, but it won't include the data captured in the first form.

To identify if this is the case, examine the "Fills Out Form" activity and check if there is data submitted from a later progressive profile form. If so, this is likely the cause. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Create a smart list with an Anonymous IP filter.

  2. Enter the anonymous IP address of the lead.

  3. The smart list may identify multiple records associated with the anonymous IP address.

  4. Merge or manually update the records as needed based on the identified information.

By following these steps, you can reconcile the data and ensure that the lead records are appropriately managed.

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