Google Customer Match Audiences Aren't Available For Selection


Issue Description
You are attempting to send a list to Google via your Google Customer Match integration, but when you open the dropdown to select the destination list, none of the lists you have prepared are visible.


Issue Resolution

For Marketo to see a list and present it as an option, the user that was used to set up the Customer Match Launchpoint service needs to have visibility of that list. Only lists that this user can see will be available. 

It is not possible to check which user was used for this setup from Marketo's Launchpoint menu, however you can alter which user is being used to connect to Google by opening the associated Launchpoint service and selecting 'Re-authorize', and then follow steps 6 and onwards from the following article:

Add Google Customer Match as a LaunchPoint Service

Who This Solution Applies To
Users making use of Google Customer Match