Getting error "The record you were editing was by modified by Account Marketo during your edit session" in Salesforce


You or your sales reps are getting an error when editing your leads or contact records in Salesforce saying "The record you were editing was modified by Account Marketo during your edit session". Similar to this:


This error will usually occur in Salesforce when you are in the Edit page in while at the same time the Marketo sync is updating that same record by our periodic API sync. While this error occurs very rarely, and usually by performing mass updates from Marketo (usually by batch campaigns).


Here are some steps you can take from a Marketo perspective to resolve or significantly reduce the chances of this error occuring:

     1. Change the process that you use to update records in Salesforce - You can successfully reduce this error by using Inline editting (by double clicking on the individual field on the record) as opposed to doing a mass update of multiple fields on 1 record (by using the Edit button).

Inline Editing - As the screenshot below shows, this done by double clicking on the individual field on your record then updating the field and then pressing the "Save" button or double pressing on the Enter key on your keyboard:

rtaImage (1).png

Mass Editing - this is done by first pressing the "Edit" button on the record's detail page, which will then take you the the Edit page where you can mass update multiple records then press the "Save" button:

rtaImage (2).png

     2. Increase the Salesforce sync interval time - Another option to reduce the the possibility or receiving this error is to reduce the number of times that Marketo syncs with Salesforce. This option in effect increases the time between Marketo and salesforce syncs.  (The default is 5 minutes.)  The downside to this option is that updates made in Marketo will take a longer to sync to Salesforce and vice versa. If you want to proceed with this option, you will need to contact Marketo support to get your sync wait time increased.