Marketo has built-in spam lead filtering for leads who fill out Marketo forms on your landing pages.  However, junk leads may still get into your Lead Database.  You can use a Smart List to find these junk leads or other leads who you might not want in your database.

Here are some examples of leads you might not want:

  • missing company name or last name
  • email address bounced
  • has a personal email address (like


Say you want to find all leads who use a personal email address. You could build a Smart List that checks by using the Email Address and looks for leads whose email address contains a non-commercial domain:


Common personal email domains

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After that, it's up to you how you want to handle those leads. You could:

  • ask them to provide a commercial email address (with an email, landing page, and form)
  • stop their emails with Marketing Suspended or Blacklisted (using Change Data Value)
  • delete those leads (using Delete Lead)


You can build similar Smart Lists to find potential junk leads such as:

  • undeliverable email addresses -- filter on Email Invalid is true
    rtaImage (1).png
  • missing a company name -- filter on Company Name is empty
    rtaImage (2).png