Email Viewed as Webpage Returning an Error after Refreshing Browser - "Customer does not belong to any POD"

Issue Description
In sent emails, if the system token {{system.viewAsWebpageLink}} is used, the link will load successfully on web browsers. However on the same browser session, after refreshing the page once, the link will return an error "Cannot get email content- Customer does not belong to any POD".

Issue Resolution
After Marketo's 2019 Q1 release, a security enhancement has been set for Marketo emails. When loaded on a browser, a View as Webpage Link will include the recipients' unique mkt_tok parameter. If recipients of the Marketo emails were sharing these links, this would mean that they are also sharing their unique/private mkt_tok with third parties.

With this enhancement, the view as webpage link is only expected to load once and the mkt_tok value which is contained in the link will disappear after the page has loaded. With the removal of the mkt_token value on the link, hitting refresh will send a request to Marketo that does not contain the recipient's lead and email information, so there is no data for the link to return.