Email Sent to Leads Who Have Exceeded Their Communication Limit


A recent Smart Campaign or Email Program sent Person records in Marketo more emails than should be allowed based on settings in Communication Limit Settings in the Admin area of Marketo.


This is commonly caused by one of three things:
  • The emails that sent after the communication limit was hit were Operational.
    • To verify if this is the case, select the email asset from the menu tree on the left and review the summary of the asset in the canvas where you will see if the email is Operational or not.
  • The Block non-operational emails checkbox is not checked in Edit Communication Limit Settings.
    • Setting values the "Per Day" and "Per 7 Days" dropdown menus does not enforce the communication limit. In order for this limit to be enforced, the "Block non-operational emails" checkbox must be checked.  Enable Communication Limits
  • The Email Program or Smart Campaign are not set up to follow Communication Limits.


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