Email Rendering Issue in Forwarded Emails


When forwarding email that was received via Marketo to other people, the email does not render the same in the recipient's email client.


This can happen when forwarding emails, as the email rendering capabilities depend upon the email client that recipient uses. HTML and CSS can be interpreted differently by different email clients. As noted in the comment below
  • Some clients' HTML parsers don't understand all types of markup, for example an HTML4-level client will not recognize HTML5 elements.
  • Some HTML elements and CSS rules are deliberately ignored, even if the underlying parser and (in the case of webmail) browser supports them completely
  • The HTML markup is can be changed, sometimes drastically, from the original markup before being displayed for security reasons


With that said, you can code against some of these anomalies by adding extra code in CSS to account for the differences. Marketo Support is not set up to assist with troubleshooting custom code as we are not web developers. We would suggest that you consult with an HTML/CSS designer to make these changes.

To ensure that the existing email templates are coded to comply with different email clients, it is advisable to consult with a web developer/designer to review the code. Here is a guide that you may find helpful:

Furthermore, even if the clients are the same, the act of forwarding an email can itself change the HTML of the email.  However, Marketo does have a workaround for this. You would just need to put the ‘Forward to Friend' link directly into an email and when the person forwards the email using this link, there is a reduced possibility of the rendering issue occurring.  It also adds the forwarded email address to your Lead Database as an unsubscribed lead.

The below article covers adding the ‘Forward to Friend’ link to your emails'Forward+to+a+Friend+Link'+in+Emails



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