Education Resources for New to Marketo Users

Marketo has so many ways to help your business grow, but it can be hard to know where to start. We want to help your team grow with you.


Marketo offers a variety of ways to learn more about the uses for Marketo, starting from the very beginning. Check out what we recommend for those just starting out.


A fun, self-paced series of lessons in Marketo basics. Written material, videos, and check in quizzes make this a great way to learn everything you need to know to have a successful Marketo instance. Completing Marketo University Online will also help prepare you to successfully pass the Marketo Certified Associate exam, which helps to ensure mastery of Marketo basics.


One of our most popular instructor-led trainings, Core Concepts I is designed for those looking for a more interactive, hands-on approach to learning the basics. It covers email send programs, A/B testing, email personalization, basic forms and landing pages, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with a demo Marketo instance and get live answers to their questions from our experienced instructors.


Our online free training videos are another easy way to learn at your own pace. Videos are available for skills ranging from beginner to advanced and include brief check in quizzes to test understanding of the material. Our Marketing Fundamentals videos are recommended for those who are new to Marketo.