Company Fields Appear in Lead Object "Describe" API Call


This article explains why certain Company fields show up on the Person/Lead Object when you do a describe API call to Marketo.


When making the Describe call on the Lead object in Marketo (/rest/v1/leads/describe.json), 
several Company object fields are returned along with the Lead object fields.



Marketo REST API


This is expected behavior. Users can utilize the Describe Leads call to retrieve a full list of the fields available for interaction via the REST API.

Several areas within Marketo treat custom Company fields as though they were on the Person/Lead object. For example if you were doing a Bulk Import, you can target the Company and Person/Lead fields and you have the ability to update Company field values as if you were changing it manually on a Person record in the UI.


Root Cause

This is expected behavior, due to how the Describe call retrieves all 

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