Campaigns Failing After Switch to Campaign V2 Processing


There are a few Smart List configurations that could lead to a campaign failure if you are on Campaign V2. With the change to our new Smart Campaign processing system, some flow step configurations that would run in the old system can lead to campaign failures in the new system. Below are a few examples of configurations that can lead to Smart Campaign failures:



  • Date field is today
    • Scenario: You have a flow step choice that filters against a Date field. The flow step choice is "<datefield> is TODAY"
    • Solution: Instead of using the condition "IS" use the condition "in timeframe" instead.


  • Score change to decimal
    • Scenario: The smart campaign has a flow step that changes a score to a number with a decimal eg. 100.12
    • Solution: Scores are integers, so this value needs to be changed to an integer eg. 100


  • Empty Choice
    • Scenario: A flow step has multiple choices, one of the choices (not the default choice) is empty, partially filled out, or has no value listed.
    • Solution: Empty or incomplete choices in flow steps are no longer supported, these choices need to either be removed or filled out completely