Block Landing Page Access for Leads That Have Not Filled Out A Form


Is there a way to make a landing page only accessible through a form? In other words, if someone gets to the thank you page and then forwards that URL along, you don't want the next person to be able to access it without filling out the form first.




Marketo does not currently have functionality that can support this Use Case. If a Landing Page is approved, it's published on the web and if anyone has the URL then they can visit the page. That being said, perhaps there is some custom implementation that you can have a developer create.

Here are two possible approaches:

  • Custom coding that would look at the previous page of the visit; when accessing the Thank You page, if the Referrer is not the page with the form, then reject access or redirect it to display the page with the form
  • Have the page submission pass along some kind indicator (URL Parameter) so that a reroute logic (on the thank you page) would run on that page all the time except when that indicator is present

Marketo Support would not be able to assist in custom implementations. However if you were interested in a Professional Service Engagement we can explore the option of Marketo building this out for you.