Best Practices for Working With Marketo Support


How to work effectively with Marketo Support to quickly resolve your issues.


Best Practices:


Be specific about the issue you are experiencing.

  • Describe the expected behavior or appearance of the asset we are troubleshooting - what you believe should be happening
  • Describe the actual behavior or error in the asset we are troubleshooting.

Provide links to the assets we need to troubleshoot.

  • Click on the specific asset in the navigation tree and then copy the URL displayed in the address bar of your browser into your case.  This will take us directly to the asset.
  • If we are troubleshooting a specific asset inside a program, such as a Smart Campaign or an email, provide the link to the asset itself rather than to the program containing the asset.

Provide examples of the issue:

  • Provide links to specific leads that are examples of the issue you are having. Even if the issue affects multiple leads, we still need to start by looking at specifics.
  • Provide the exact text of any error messages you might be receiving, along with the timestamps. Screenshots can be very useful for this.
  • When troubleshooting API call issues, attach copies of the the request and the response that show the issue you are having.
  • If the issue concerns a non-Marketo asset such as a webpage, please include the URL.


Include screenshots and log files:

  • Since we do not have access to your CRM, if there is information in the CRM we need to see, attach an uncropped screenshot of an example record to your case.
  • When taking the screenshot, log into the CRM using the Marketo sync credentials. This will allow us to see what Marketo sees through the sync.
  • If you are using MS Dynamics, attach the Marketo logs and Marketo error logs to your case.

Involve other resources as necessary, even if they aren't Marketo users.  We may need to work with your CRM admin, your IT department, or your web developer.  CC-ing them on the case is a simple way to loop them into the support case so you don't have to run questions back and forth.


Please be aware that Marketo support are not trained as web developers or CRM admins. We are happy to help you troubleshoot issues with your Marketo instance and integrations, but we are not able to troubleshoot custom code or advise you on details of your CRM administration.