Technically, you cannot move records backwards in a progression status.  The only so called “backward” status that you can change the record to is a progression status of “Not In Program”; however, doing this removes them from the membership of the program.  If you do this procedure, this will allow you to re-add them with a different status.


We mentioned technically this cannot be done but logically, there is another method that allows you to juggle the record’s progression status but in a more lateral movement with what appears to be in a “backward” state.  This is all dependent on how you have your channel steps configured.  To access your channel steps, please do the following:


  1. Choose Admin
  2. Choose Tags
  3. Click the + next to Channel
  4. Locate the channel you wish to configure and highlight it
  5. Click the drop-down menu towards the top of Tag Actions, and select Edit


You should now see a pop-up window that allows you to configure the status steps for that channel like the following example:


This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image



If you configure statuses that have the same step number, this will allow you to move the record in a lateral movement which, in a sense, is somewhat like a backward progression but it really isn't.  With the example screen capture, I can do a change in progression status of “Invited” to “Attended Show” and vice-versa because the step is with an identical number. If I wanted to change in progression status of “Invited” to “Engaged” and back, it will not work because the step value is not identical.

You can reference more information about this in the Marketo Admin: Customize, Create, & Manage Channels article.

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