Assignment Rules used for Add to SFDC Campaign Flow Steps


When you use the "Add to SFDC Campaign" flow step, and the lead isn't already in SFDC, this step will sync the lead to SFDC, and you want to know which assignment rules will be applied.



The SFDC auto-assignment rule will be used. To explain this further, if for some reason you don't have lead assignment rules firing properly in Salesforce, it will be assigned to what is called the "Default Lead Owner" in Salesforce.

It's not just "Add to Salesforce Campaign" that uses what is called "implied Salesforce actions". All of the following flow steps will sync the lead to Salesforce first before running the flow step if the person is not already synced to Salesforce:

  • Add to Salesforce Campaign
  • Change Status in Salesforce Campaign (this will sync them AND add them to the campaign first)
  • Change Owner
  • Convert Person
  • Create Task