You want to make a Marketo User on your team only able to access Analytics, so you make a User Role that only has Permissions to the 4 Analytics Areas.

However, after assigning this Role to Users, you find that the Users are unable to successfully set up reports. Within the Setup tab in the report, the Filters and Settings are missing.




Even though the User Role has access to the Analytics Areas, the User Role still needs some Marketing Activities Permissions.

There are currently 15 Marketing Activity areas in the Permissions. When clicking on the top level box, all 15 areas are granted. However, the only box that needs to be checked is the top box. All remaining 14 boxes do not need to be checked.

Because granting access to 1/15 MA areas is including Marketing Activities in the User Role, when the User logs in, they will see Marketing Activities in their My Marketo Homepage. This means they will be able to navigate within Marketing Activities. However, it is entirely read-only access in Marketing Activities. Any time the User tries to affect change in Marketing Activities, they will then get a Permissions Error.

To review, the resolution to successfully making an Analytics Only User is to give a bare minimum Marketing Activity (MA) Permission to the User Role, 1/15, in addition to the 4/4 Analytics Areas.