Adobe Interactive Webinars - Changing Layout Prompts Speakers to Switch On Their Video Again


When using Interactive Webinars, if a host changes the layout, previously on-camera speakers must switch on their cameras again.

Is there a way to keep the camera always on when you move from one layout to another?


This is not supported due to privacy concerns. If a video pod is not present in a layout, the camera is turned off. If a video pod is present in the next layout again, the presenters need to switch on the camera again to consent to their video being shown again to everyone.

There however is a workaround to this. A video pod can be placed on the poll pod layout but it can be positioned so that it is behind the poll pod.

The size of video pod does not matters on this layout so it can be reduced so that it is completely hidden behind the poll pod. This way the video pod will be hidden and not visible to participants but since the video pod is present, the camera will not be turned off on this layout.

On switching to the next layout (Intro), presenters will not need to turn their cameras on. However, they need to be cautious as their video will go live as soon as the intro layout goes live.

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