Adding People to Marketo Campaigns from Salesforce

The Marketo users at your organization have created several special campaigns for your leads and contacts.  Typical examples include sending someone a whitepaper about a new product or mailing a series of nurturing emails for people not ready for sales.

To add a lead or contact to one of these campaigns, go to that person's detail page and find the Actions menu in the Marketo Sales Insight section.  Pick Add to Marketo Campaign and click Go:




You can also select leads in your list and search views if you've added the Add to Marketo Campaign button to those views. 


You can add 200 leads at once this way:


rtaImage (1).png


After picking the leads, you'll see a list of potential campaigns; below the selected campaign is a brief description provided by your marketing team. 


Pick the campaign for this person in the Campaign Name pulldown, then click Finish:

rtaImage (2).png