Adding CMS Code to RTP Web Campaign Editor


Is it possible to add code from a content management system (CMS) into a Web Campaign in RTP?


Marketo Web Personalization does not integrate with any content management system's (CMS) content to draw or pull content campaigns into the Web Campaign.

Personalized campaigns need to be created within the Web Campaign editor.

So what does this mean? When you are using HTML tags within the Web Campaign Editor in RTP, Marketo only supports the use of RTP HTML tags. On your own website you could have HTML tags and codes from other systems but within the Web Campaign Editor in RTP we only support RTP HTML tags.

Note: The RTP Javascript tags works on all types of CMS platforms (Drupal, wordpress, sitecore, HTML pages, etc...) to identify visitors, segment them and show them personalized web campaigns. The above relates to the code used to render a personalized Web Campaign.