Why 1 API call per lead on Salesforce action flow steps?

Why 1 API call per lead on Salesforce action flow steps?

This article states that "If you use a Sync Lead to SFDC or Add to Campaign flow step, each one uses one API call per lead; the API call happens when the lead hits that flow step (instead of waiting for the next sync)."

This is ridiculous. This means that I can't use this tool because I'm almost always going to be trying to update more leads than I have access to API calls through Salesforce - more by over 100,000.  I can't see any reason why you would possibly need to use one API call per lead or why this update couldn't wait until the next sync. 

I would request that this be changed: under that use case, it should wait until the next sync OR do more than one lead per API call.

(Yes, I know there are other ways to do this task, but being able to use this tool like this would be great and I think this should be changed.)

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I absolutely agree. There are lots of technical inefficiencies and this is a great example. Recognizing that a flow step comes from a batch instead of a trigger should group leads for these API calls and should have the same efficiency as a program->campaign sync.
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