When Editing Forms, Mass Re-Approve Assets in use

When Editing Forms, Mass Re-Approve Assets in use

Recently we updated our Industry values and it took hours to not only find every form using the Industry field (hint; 99% of our forms), but manually editing each of these forms, and then finally searching and re-approving each individual asset using the form. It would be great when editing something that appears on multiple pages, like a form, to have an option to "re-approve existing live pages". It would cut down on a lot of manual work, possibility of human error, and efficiency overall.

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You can do this now if you go to Design Studio > Landing Pages and use that view to select the pages you want. It's not super great.

Having such a button on the actual Form or Form Summary view would be nice too.

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We just ran into this exact same scenario, Abby.  What a pain and huge time-suck. +1 on this feature being added.

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