Update smart campaign trigger field after new SFDC campaign is created

Update smart campaign trigger field after new SFDC campaign is created

When I clone an existing Program that is synched to SFDC, those cloned smart campaigns with a Status is Changed in SFDC Campaign trigger triggers that reference the synched SFDC campaign have the value of the Campaign automatically changed to the new Program name, which is great, but since the Program is not yet synched with SFDC and the campaign doesn't exist in SFDC yet, those triggers have an "Invalid value for campaign" error in their Campaign field and you cannot activate the smart campaign, which makes sense.

However, after you synch the Program to SFDC and the Campaign exists, you still cannot activate the smart campaigns.  In fact the only way to activate the smart campaign is to change the value in the Status is Changed in SFDC Campaign trigger's Campaign field to a different value, let Marketo auto-save it and then change the value back to the original value (i.e. name of Program).  This is tedious if you have multiple smart campaigns that are affected.

Please add the ability for Marketo to refresh smart campaign trigger fields that reference a previously non-existent SFDC Campaign when Marketo detects that there are new SFDC campaigns.
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Good idea. I have seen this issue, too. You could create the SF campaign first, give it a few minutes to sync and then clone your campaign.
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Would be even better if, when cloning the program, we had an option of "also create an SFDC campaign and update references" that would create the SFDC campaign and update all references in the smart campaigns while cloning.


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