Program acquisition date should not be based on location of form

Program acquisition date should not be based on location of form

I just found out that the requirement for the standard Marketo fields: Acquisition Program and Acquisition Program Date are dependent on the contact filling out a form that is in the program, and a landing page that is in the program.  All of our forms are in the design studio since we use the same form for many landing pages, which is best practice.

I suggest that Marketo make the requirement for the acquisition program fields to be only dependant on the landing page that is a local asset in a program and any form fill. 
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You can actually set the Acquisiton Program and Acquisition Date in this case using a smart campaign as follows.

Smart List (2)    
    ALL filters apply    (1 and 2 and 3 ...)
    Trigger - Lead is Created    Form Name is in 'Form 1', 'Form 2'.
    Filter 1 - Acquisition Program    Acquisition Program is empty
Flow (2)    
    Step 1 - Change Data Value    Choice 1: If 'Member of Program' is any  then:
            Attribute:  'Acquisition Program'
            New Value: 'Program 1'
        Default Choice:
            -- Do Nothing --
    Step 2 - Change Data Value    Choice 1: If 'Member of Program' is any  then:
            Attribute:  'Acquisition Date'
            New Value: '{{system.dateTime}}'
        Default Choice:
            -- Do Nothing --
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Hi Sam,
As long as the Landing Page referencing the form is in the Program, the Acqusition Program and Acqusition Date will be properly set for the Program. The form itself can be in the Design Studio.

I too use a common form across many landing pages and programs in multiple instances of Marketo and it works exactly as you hope it does.

Just curious, I've seen this same comment a few different times recently. Where did you get the impression the form has to live in the Program?

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Thanks Eliott. That makes sense. Seems odd that Marketo wouldn't allow this natively.

Here's a response from Marketo Support when i asked about it, but i should say that after i showed him an example of where Marketo DID fill in the Acquisition program, he said he was going to check in with Product Management, as it could be there there's some issue with "Feature regression."

Here's what he said originally, and the reason for me starting the idea:
We only set the Acquisition Program and Date automatically if both the Form and the Landing Page it resides on are Local Assets to the Program. The form this lead completed to become a New Lead through a non-local (Design Studio) Form.
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Actually, now that i'm looking closer at your solution, i don't think it'll work, or at least easily.

When you say 'Program 1', we have tons of programs, so i'd need to have a flow step for each program. Is that what you intended? 
Looks like a solution would need me to take the value of the program they're a member of, and paste that value into the acquisition program field....

again, this is something Marketo should do.
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