Up-to-date Email Deliverability training video

Up-to-date Email Deliverability training video

It'd be great to have a more recent version of the IBM Email Deliverability video. The current one is confusing as the layout is now different. Also, the quality of the sound is not very good. Since this is the only training available, it'd be great to have a better version. Please!!
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The documentation seems to be out of date as well. Would love to see a complete overhaul of Marketo's assets for the Email Deliverability tool, and maybe a webinar about how to best utilize certain features the tool to improve our email marketing.
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I agree 100%. Half of the documentation in the Community for the Deliverabilty add-on are broken links as well.
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Hello!  Your idea couldn't be more well timed!

We are currently in the middle of a full review and audit of the Deliverability resources available through Marketo and are planning to update older documents and introduce new articles on a number of 
different Deliverability subjects.  

We are also reviewing the recording for the IBM Deliverability Tools to make sure we have the most recent recorded training available.  

Thank you for your feedback!  Keep an eye out for new articles being introduced in the coming weeks.

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Kiersti Esparza | Manager, Privacy Team | Marketo 
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