University Video Course Speeds


University Video Course Speeds

As someone who frequently listens to podcasts, I have really grown accustomed to customizable play speeds so that I can absorb more information in a more timely manner (so many podcasts, so little time!) I think a playspeed option on the University videos would be largely benefitial, especially for those who may not have the extra time to watch a 1.5 hour tutorial during their lunch hour, or during dedicated educational times throughout the workday.

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We currently publish our course content with the ability to fast forward to the next section of the Table of Contents and assumed that was sufficient navigational control.  However,  we can add a button to fast forward to twice the speed of normal playback as we update and add new courses.  We will go ahead and add that to the eLearning titles as we republish them going forward.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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