Token for list of values to be used in a smart list filter

Token for list of values to be used in a smart list filter

I am not sure if this was suggested before or if it already exists.

While rebuilding a Marketo instance, one thing I have found that would be extremely handy is a way to store a list of values to then later use for smart list filters.

For example, let’s say I want to create a smart list of all leads that did not have a certain lead source.  I would create a filter with ‘lead source’ is not... and then a list of sources.  It would be great if I could store that list for later use in other filters. That way if I have multiple programs or smart lists that are related to the same thing, they could also use the same centralized list. This would be easier to maintain if something changes.

This could possibly a list object which I can then reference to see what programs/smart lists use the filter, so you could make changes without fear of missing something.   

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We now have LOV variables in email templates. It's time to be able to bring the feature to the program token level so that we can set controlled values without editing assets.


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