Sys Admin Interface for Sync Order/Processing/Killswitch

Sys Admin Interface for Sync Order/Processing/Killswitch

My request would be to build an interface that could be for system administrator usage only that gives the health check to CRM sync (what is processing now, how many updates are processing), a way to know if there are performance slow-downs (i.e. someone's large email program is delaying someone else's email program), and an ultimate "kill switch" if they needed to stop one or all smart campaigns in motion (pause or full stop).

This interface would NOT be for your "everyday" marketer - but one that would be for the Wizard (so to speak) who runs the whole system.

Especially useful if you don't have 24/7 MKTO support and it is technically NOT a system down type issue but still highly timely to address on the client side.

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This would be unbelievably helpful - mainly the CRM sync part. It's pretty much a black hole trying to see what the breakdown is.

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