Sync Filter & Merge Failures Bug Needs to be Fixed

Sync Filter & Merge Failures Bug Needs to be Fixed

I found a bug that would require a platform fix affecting multiple customers. Support is maintaining that this will not be fixed without evaluation from the community and product managers.

How the Error Manifests

If an instance has implemented a sync filter, either via SFDC sharing rules or via a Marketo Field Sync filter, errors can occur in Marketo when merging records in SFDC. The error occurs when the master record in SFDC is not synchronized to Marketo.


The following behavior occurs afterwards:

  1. The errored record is marked as deleted in SFDC. This is true, because losing records in SFDC are deleted.
  2. The sync between SFDC and Marketo runs.
  3. The master record in SFDC is imported as a new lead/person in Marketo.

The only way to resolve the duplicates, is to manually merge the records in Marketo by going through every lead/person that's been marked as deleted. This method also assumes that the 'sync to marketo' flag was properly updated on the master record. If it wasn't, then the record in SFDC has to be restored and the previous master record must be updated to be synchronized to marketo. Only then, can the two records be merged correctly in marketo without error and updated to have the correct SFDC Ids.

Also, I had a separate case logged where I discovered if the original record with the error is left for too long in Marketo, the only action that can be taken is to delete the record and thus delete the prior history.

It is not possible to run a report on synchronization errors with the current SFDC sync product, but there is an idea posted for it: Sync Error tab for the SFDC connector

Requested Resolution Possibilities

  1. Allow reporting on these records if a real fix is unavailable.
  2. If the master record is unavailable, wait until the next sync cycle and try again. Records in this 'queue' should accessible via a report in case they do not get resolved.
  3. (Preferred Resolution) If the master record is unavailable, update the existing record in marketo with new field information, campaigns, tasks, and SFDC Ids.
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Is this bug also affecting the MS Dynamics CRM custom sync filter?

Marketo Custom Sync Filter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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I can't confirm that since I we don't use Microsoft Dynamics. If it can perform merges within Microsoft Dynamics, it would be possible.

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Hi Kelly,

Thx for posting it.

Added here: Marketo / salesforce integration needs a serious overhaul, don't you "sync"? for the record.


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I'm having issues deleting records in Marketo for this reason. I keep getting the message below and the only way I am able to delete the record is if I delete the record in SFDC first and then delete the record in Marketo.

failed to delete sfdc lead: filtered in sfdc - 00Q1500000xlaqfEAA

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Hello Hoi - You should get an option to delete in SFDC when you attempt to delete the lead - I imagine you need to set this to false?

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I am experiencing a similar issue:


1. User exists in SFDC (and not Marketo - likely deleted from Marketo but remove from CRM is false)
2. User fills out a form and enters Marketo as a new Lead
3. User syncs to SFDC
4. Lean Data recognizes the Contact already exists, and merges the lead with the original Contact (that already exists in SFDC).
5. The original contact then syncs back to Marketo creating a new, duplicate record
6. Marketo now sees 2 records, one is the old converted lead which no longer syncs with SFDC (it throws an error saying it is an SFDC object, but not a lead or contact). The second one is the original Contact from SFDC, but does not have the proper activity in the log.


From here, there is no way to merge the leads in Marketo because the new lead is no longer a valid Lead/Contact since it's been merged on the SFDC side. The only way to resolve the duplicate at this point is to completely delete the new lead, but then we lose the form fill activity on the activity log.