Mark Lead Records on Global Unsubscribe List

Mark Lead Records on Global Unsubscribe List

Some of you may have discovered that some records do not get emailed even though they are not invalid/unsubscribed/suspended/black listed.

You can check this by analyzing two smart campaigns with emails in flow steps.  Run the first campaign.  Then add a filter to the 2nd campaign that excludes records that were sent the email.  If you go to the Schedule tab, you should see 0 records, because they all got the email in the first campaign.  If your send is large enough, you will likely see a few records.

What is going on?

The answer is the Global Unsubscribe List.  The Global Unsubscribe is for all instances and someone is added to this list when they send an email directly to Marketo's operations team asking to be unsubscribed from all material sent from Marketo's servers.  The problem though is that these records are not labelled in Marketo in any way.  I would like to change this.


Mark records on the Global Unsubscribe List as Unsubscribed = True with an Unsubscribed Reason = Global Unsubscribe List

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