Support for SP-initiated SSO

Support for SP-initiated SSO

Per our documentation on enabling SSO:

Add Single Sign-On to a Portal - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

we only support IdP-initiated SSO, not SP-initiated.

The differences are explained here:

single sign on - Diffrence between SP initiated SSO and IDP initiated SSO - Stack Overflow

and SP-initiated SSO is a stronger choice for ADFSv2 so many IT teams prefer it.

It would be great if we supported SP-initiated SSO!

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This makes sense and we like it. We will add it to the product backlog.


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Hi MJ, has this feature been implemented? It is rather painful to use iDP initiated SSO. SP-initiated SSO like what Salesforce uses is much preferable.

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Any news on this support? We're a fresh Marketo customer and the fact that Marketo only support IpD initiated SSO in 2020 is an source of amazement to us.

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Upvoting this feature. Is there any news on support for this? @kh-lschutte