Support all Marketo Sales Insight functionality in SFDC Lightning

Support all Marketo Sales Insight functionality in SFDC Lightning

Support all of these features in SFDC Lightning:

  • Bulk email sending - You can't choose a set of leads or contacts and send them an email at one time
  • Bulk adding of leads or contacts to a Marketo campaign at one time
  • The View in Marketo link on leads and contacts
  • The link to the Opportunity Influence Analyzer within opportunities
Marketo Employee

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know what enhancements would create a better experience for your team.

We are currently not doing any work to support MSI in Salesforce Lightning. However, it may be worth checking out our new tool Marketo Sales Engage. This is a more robust sales automation tool that will allow you to bulk send emails, launch marketing campaigns, build out sales playbooks, and help both marketing and sales stay aligned with how prospects are engaging with their content. We are actively working on support for Salesforce Lightning.

You can find out more about this tool from our documentation here, Marketo Sales Engage Overview.

Level 5

Hi Timothy,
As a long time MKTO customer, having to purchase a separate product/service from MSI, one that is already bundled into our plan is infuriating.  Nickel and dime'ing us to death is what it feels like on our end.

Level 4

I could not agree more Lynn. Andy Paul, I think you need to consider how many customers use both Marketo and Salesforce. Not supporting Salesforce as it evolves is a disservice to your customers who use both.

Marketo Employee

Hi Bonnie,

We understand that building our applications to work with both versions of Salesforce is key to many customers success with our tools. We will evaluate this feedback and see what opportunities we have to build support for these features in SFDC Lightning. 

Thanks for your feedback!

Community Manager
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