Smart Campaigns + Recipient Time Zone

Smart Campaigns + Recipient Time Zone

As an... Email Marketer
When ...leveraging "Send Email" flow steps in Smart Campaigns (both triggered and batch)
I need... the ability to send emails in the Recipient's Time Zone
So that.. users receive emails in their local time without causing additional complexity and unnecessary automation in the system. 
Therefore...The customer experience is improved and email engagement is increased

Possible Solutions:
This could be achieved through a simple Check Box "Send in Recipient Time Zone" on the "Send Email" flow step, and in the scheduling tab for batch campaigns, similar to what is currently available in Email Batch Campaigns and Nurture Programs. 
The "Person Time Zone" value and data would be leveraged similarly as well. 

Blake Frye
Lucid Software

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Seconding this

Level 7 - Champion

Agree if send in time zone could be linked to Country then you get to send to all recipients at say 10am whether in London, Dubai, Poland, Kuala Lumpa, Perth, Auckland across EMEA AND PAR regions