Smart Campaign - new trigger: "Is Sent Email"

Smart Campaign - new trigger: "Is Sent Email"

It would be tremendously helpful to have an "Is Sent Email" trigger in addition to the "Email is Delivered", "Email Bounces Soft", and "Email Bounces". This first came about when we had a smart campaign send out the same email over the course of 4 hours to different audiences. Since these audiences were all sent the email at different times, they would all get them delivered or bounced at different times. As you know there are 3 ultimate outcomes for each email, it can either be delivered, soft bounce, or bounce.

There was a need to have the leads qualify for another smart campaign immediately after being sent the email, but there is no trigger available. This became an issue especially in the case of emails that are still pending delivery and those can take up to 24 hours after the email is sent. So for 24 hours these leads cannot qualify for another smart campaign dependent on the email being sent, they can only qualify after it is eventually delivered, soft bounced, or bounced. It would be helpful to have this trigger available for cases where you need leads to qualify for another smart campaign immediately after being sent an email.

There is already an "Is Sent Sales Email" trigger, so it make sense to also have one for marketing emails.

A possible workaround in the meantime could be to have a one minute wait step after the "send email" step and then the first choice of the next flow step could be to check if the email was sent. However, this is also limited to smart campaign email sends and not email campaigns, or engagement streams sending emails.

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Agreed, but duplicates this one:


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Perfect, thanks Greg. I searched the idea first but could not find it.

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