Simplify Lead Partition Assignment

Simplify Lead Partition Assignment

This idea is a two-parter:

1) Lead partition routing in the admin section currently only applies to leads created by SFDC (or your CRM). That means after setting up the lead partition rules in admin, triggered campaigns have to be created to handle all other leads (those not created by SFDC/your CRM). Why double the work load on an already tedious process?

2) Right now, when you create a lead via list import, Marketo just assigns it to the default lead partition within the workspace. For large instances with multiple workspaces and several lead partitions within each, it makes things difficult. Why not have this default assignment be a checkbox, so that admins can turn it off? It doesn't make sense that if you import a new lead with data values that clearly specify what lead paritition they should be in, Marketo's default lead partition assignment will compete with your triggered campaigns designed to sort leads into their respective lead partitions.

For those of us with large global instances, these changes would cut down on a lot of headaches and extra work.


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