Local Assets created in folder you select

Local Assets created in folder you select

Right now, when you want to create a local asset inside of a folder in a program, Marketo does not put that local asset in the folder you selected... It puts the newly created asset at the bottom of your folders and then you have to drag it back to the folder you wanted to have it created in, to begin with.

It would be nice if Marketo just put the asset in the folder you selected to begin with.


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I second this, I would love to see it happen.

It's espeically frustrating when you are creating multiple assets at a time within a program that has many folders and you have to find that tiny spot at the top of the tree that allows you to scroll with a selected asset and bring it into a new folder.

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This used to work properly in Marketo many releases ago. I, too, would like this functionality added back.
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This idea already exists - vote it up here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoIdeaDetail?id=08750000000K6JuAAK
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Status changed to: Already have it