Share Marketo Calendar With Non-Marketo Users


Share Marketo Calendar With Non-Marketo Users

I see a few old ideas in here about this topic from many years ago, but can't seem to vote them up so creating a new one.


It would be great if Marketo allowed users to share Marketo calendars with people who do not have access to Marketo -- ideally with a read-only URL. I'd also like to be able to set up subscriptions that will send updated calendars to select people via email. 


A large majority of the Marketing stakeholders at my company do not have access to Marketo. That means, in order to share a calendar with them, I need to send a screenshot of what we have going for a given time period. This does not provide an automated/real-time option, and sort of defeats the purpose of the Marketo calendar. Without the ability to share read-only calendars to non-Marketo users, the Marketo calendar offers limited functionality and in my opinion, is not a truly viable marketing calendar solution.

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@Steve_Schimmel - there's a feature of the calendar called Presentation ( It's not part of all subscriptions, so you might reach out to support, but it could do what you're looking for.