SFDC ID Field as Criteria

SFDC ID Field as Criteria

Please allow the SFDC ID field to be used as criteria in SmartLists, and/or to be used as a lead token.

I've tried creating my own custom field "SFDC ID_Value" (string) and a corresponding SmartCampaign to track a data value change in the SFDC ID field, but cannot use a token to fill out the custom field.

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You can already use the SFDC ID as a lead token.

For the data value changed, are you trying to capture the result of lead merge or something?

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Hi Sanford,

{{lead.SFDC ID}} isn't an option for me, nor is it available as criteria in a SmartList (leading to my attempt to create a customized field to house the value). I've reached out to Marketo support to see if there's a reason in our instance that's keeping this from happening... Any info is helpful!



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Yes, ask them why you can't use it as a token, because we use it all the time in our links.

I don't understand where you'd need it in a Smart List -- are you matching on a list of SFDC IDs or something?

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Yes, I've recently inherited a system and I'm doing some cleanup with lead records that do not have email addresses. It occurred to me when trying to pull a SmartList that SFDC wasn't an available option which set me off on this path. I created the "SFDC ID_Value" field as a way to push the SFDC ID number into a searchable field. After speaking with Support it seems as though we can use a Salesforce workflow to populate that value, which will then flow into Marketo and be searchable and able to be used as a token in the flow steps of a campaign.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Sanford Whiteman

{{lead.SFDC Id}}

is not working since 2 days ?

could you please investigate ?



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