Send the same campaign to users in different time zones

Send the same campaign to users in different time zones

Let's say I would like my campaign to be delivered on monday at 9.00am.
As my recipients can be in different timezones, I would like to automate the launch at the same hour for different timezones.
Actually, 9.00 am in UK means 1.00am in San Francisco, and lunch time in India, so there is a chance my campaign won't be read as much as if it was arriving at 9.00 am for everyone...

I think such a possibility could be quite useful
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We are currently using segmentation and choices wtihin our send flow steps to accomplish this... although it would be a nice functionality to have right out of the box if you have clean data and know where everyone is located!
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I would like to see this baked into an Engagement Program / Stream as an advanced casting option. Though it's true one would need to know the target's timezone (either inferred by a time stamp or implicit value), it would simplify the buildout of additional engagement programs to accommodate for sending times.
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I guess that if we go even further, we could have the timezone based on the IP address...
Not sure if it is possible, but would definitely be a cool feature!
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Like Dory, we are creating different campaigns or using segmentation; however this would be useful for countries like the US where there more than one timezones. Side note: I don't understand why (I'm French) some Americans forget that they are living in a country with different time zones and keep asking why a 10 AM PST webinar shows up in their calendar at 1PM EST!

BTW I like to idea to base trigger on IP address...
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This would indeed be a great functionality, either on (inferred) country, region segment or IP address... Cloning a campaign for each time zone is a lot of work.

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This blog post shows how to send emails within a single engagement program at the desired time in each time zone -

Hope it helps!


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I have a 404 page error...

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Sorry Cecile, here's the correct URL - How to regionalize engagement programs in Marketo

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