Send sample to me

Send sample to me

When sending sample emails, it can be time consuming to go to Send Sample, then select your email address from the dropdown each time if you aren't going to be sending to multiple people or testing with a specific lead. It would be great if there were a single-click option for "Send Sample to Me", using the email address that you're logged in with. 

Ideally it would look something like this:

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This would be great I could really use this feature today to help with sending sample emails to myself for 40 emails in a nurture campaign ....

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Hey Kara,

When we're testing our nurtures we just use a simple smart campaign with email address in the Smart List and all the emails in the Flow. We usually put a 1 min wait between.

This would certainly speed things up for you.

The trade off is if you don't want to be a member of the nurture but you can easily fix that. In theory it will add you to the reporting but the speed and benefit might cancel that out



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We have lots of internals on our testing, so I always be sure to add a filter to our analytics reports excluding our domain

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Hey Marketo, seems like a pretty basic request here - any chance we'd ever see this happen?

Especially since the "Choose Previous Address" drop down picks a seemingly random assortment of previous email recipients. I've been sending samples to myself all day, but my email address as a "Previous Address" doesn't appear until about halfway down the dropdown box. Huge annoyance.

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Especially since the "Choose Previous Address" dropdown picks a seemingly random assortment of previous recipients at times. I have been sending drafts to myself all day, yet my email address doesn't appear until about halfway down the "Previous Address" dropdown box. Very cumbersome.

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