Allow admin login for marketo users

Allow admin login for marketo users

We have a lot of users in our instance with varying permissions and it is incredibly difficult to manage their permissions centrally without being able to impersonate these users and see where they are running into issues. At the moment, any hangup that our users run into because of permissions sparks a lengthy email exchange figuring out what exactly the issue is and I cannot diagnose what is user error and what is a limitation of the permissions we've assigned.

This is also important for workspace management because I have no way to check to make sure a particular user in a workspace does not have access to anything that they should not.

Salesforce has an easy way to allow individual users to grant admin login permission, and it is an invaluable tool for admins to diagnose problems.
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SFDC allows this if you ask the support org to switch on and it is incredibly useful as an Administrator

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