Search the Lead Database by Cookie ID

Search the Lead Database by Cookie ID

Add the ability to search the Lead Database by Cookie ID.

We run an API job to associate Marketo cookie ID with the known record for activity on non-Marketo landing pages.  Sometimes the cookie sync up fails and it would be helpful to be able to associate the anonymous cookie with the actual lead record via the Lead Database merge functionality.

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Interesting idea and gets my vote.  On the rare occasions when we need to do this, we use the Anonymous IP address to match the anonymous and known records (assuming the known lead record has an Anonymous IP address).  It's not perfect, but can be useful.

I'm curious if you use the API with a non-Marketo landing page, why you're not able to include the munchkin code on that page.

Does anyone know how the cookie ID is assigned?  If there is an algorithm based on the Marketo ID, we could possibly compute the ID.
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