Search functionality by Asset ID or URL

Search functionality by Asset ID or URL

I'm specifically referring to Forms here. It'd be nice to have functionality where I can search forms by the Form ID, instead of going to every single program and checking the form id there.

It's a really time consuming process when you have a lot of programs/forms.
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I would add it would be nice to search by the URL of a landing page as well.
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ooO...yes! that's another good one. 
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I would love to be able to search for any asset by ID or URL.  Brennan -  Here are two related ideas to your comment on the community: 

Search by URL:
Search for Links in Emails/Landing Pages:

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Not the same as your idea, but just incase you wondered- If you want to get something by the ID, you can put that into a URL. E.g. the 4964 is the ID part.
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Adding to what Erik said, the prefix needs to match the asset type:

Forms: #FO1001A1
Landing Pages: #LP1001A1
Campaign: #SC1001A1
List: #ST1001A1
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