Sales Insight Drop Down Menu for removing or accepting new leads

Sales Insight Drop Down Menu for removing or accepting new leads

It would be nice to have a drop down menu that a sales person could access directly from Sales Insight in order to accept, recycle, or reject an incoming lead.  

Does this already exist and I missed it?  It appears that our sales team has to go directly into the contact instead of being able to do this from the Best Bets - Sales Insight screen.  
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Hey Shalece,

This can be done by creating Campaigns that can be called from the "Add to Marketo Campaign" option with Sales Insight. You would create a Campaign for each, Accept, Recycle, or Reject. This will be created using the "Campaign is Requested" trigger and selecting "Sales Insight". Then set up the flow steps as you need and activate.

These Campaigns can be accessed on an individual record basis through the dropdown in the top right hand corner of Sales Insight. OR, and I highly recommend this for a smoother adoption, add the "Add to Marketo Campaign" button to the Leads view in SFDC (or whatever CRM you are using). They can create a view for newly created Leads. Then, they can do a multi-select for Leads that they want to accept and add those to the Accept Campaign. Then, repeat the process for recycle and reject!

I know it sounds like a lot, but it is actually pretty straight forward to set up. Let me know if you need me to be more in-depth!
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That sounds like a great idea, but how do you get your sales people to follow it? Ours are great at taking the leads and running with it, but we don't have any visibility into that. I can go into SFDC and manually see that they contacted the lead, but I can't report on it and I can't convince sales management to add extra steps to their team. How do you provide the "what's in it for me" to sales?
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That's an excellent question. It is always tough to have Sales adopt new processes. The only one I can really speak to is the recycling. It is an easier sell when you say let us do the grunt work and pass back to you when they are warmed up. For the rejection campaign, Sales folks don't want dirty data. If they are responsible for the health of their territory's database, they will care about rejecting bad Leads, or Leads that need a little more info. Dirty data slows them down. A process for accepting Leads may be a little unnecessary if you have the other two campaigns set up. If they are not rejected or recycled, I think it is safe to say that they have been accepted.

It will always be a tough sell, but if you can show value, I find that the right processes will be adopted in the end.
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