REST API "Update Leads" request parameter "partitionName" is not optional

REST API "Update Leads" request parameter "partitionName" is not optional

My Usecase
1. App call "Get Lead by Id"
2. User edit lead data
3. App call "Update Lead" WITHOUT partitionName
=> Marketo try to change the lead partition to "Default" and cause ERROR.

{"requestId":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx","result":[{"status":"skipped","reasons":[{"code":"1010","message":"Partition update not allowed"}]}],"success":true}
But all lead ID is unique across all lead partitions, partitionName must be optional.
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Nope, they made the same change to the web services api a while back to force us to specify the partition.  You should be able to just specify the Global partition(I forget the default name) though as it will include all leads.
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Hi Jeremy
I want to know Global partition name, so I called "Get Lead Partitions" API.
Unfortunately, I can not find in response.
{"id":1,"name":"Default","description":"Initial system lead partition"},
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More likely Marketo has not been able to localize partition names. 
Try creating a new partition and give it a name in English and try to connect to it through your API
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Hi Edward

I'm sorry confusing you.
I wanted to show "Get Lead Partitions" API does not return "Global Partition".
"Update Lead" API with implicit partition name issue still happen in English.
I am using in English at production environment.
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Hi Takehiro-
Do you have Lead Partition assignment rules set up?  If not, any new lead sent into the system will assume that it should be added to the "Default" lead partition unless you have given it other instructions - whether it was sourced by api add, hand-created, list import, or pulled back from

Partitions are somewhat tricky - you may want to reach out to support to have them assist you further.
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Hi Brigid
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I know that rule.
I have a plan that we will publish mobile and PC apps for B2C Omni-channel.
- Lead ID is unique number between all partitions
- Apps update lead via REST API. Partition is not "default" and not static.
- App User does not use

My Problem
App update lead data and not want to change partition.
So, I want to omit partition at request prameter. 
And "Get Lead by id" can not return specific lead's partition name.
Finally, App can not know which partition the lead is in using every API.

Normally, at "Update Lead" API, If the request parameter omits lead partition name, that mean the lead still stay in same partition instad of "default".
I think so.
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