Reset sandbox

Reset sandbox

Here at ID, we perform complex integrations in an enterprise context, where there are often multiple staging and dev sandboxes, as well as rigorous testing procedures. This can mean starting a test script over multiple times, as well as integrating with more than one sandbox instance of Salesforce.  As it stands today, the only way we can do this is to provision multiple sandboxes, and hope our tests work the first time. Sometimes they do, but when they don't, it's a hassle.

If there was a big red button to "factory reset" a sandbox instance, we could restart our integration testing from a known, consistent starting point, that would be a lot cleaner, and save lots of support tickets and extra provisioning!  I can think of lots of other use cases where this would be helpful.

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One use case is when you refresh your SFDC sandbox, it breaks the sync. You may want then to refresh your sandbox.

In order to limit any overuse of this, we could imagine that we could click on the button only once a day or once a week.


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