Rename the 'Default' segment in segmentations

Rename the 'Default' segment in segmentations

Currently, it is not possible to change the name of the 'Default' segment in Segmentations. It would be awesome to be able to change this name.
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Cheryl, sometimes it can create confusion for our clients as they don't really understand what the 'Default' segmentation is. For example, if we had control over this, I would change the name of that segmentation to 'Not Qualified.' I understand that this suggestion is a bit nitpicky but I think it would help us with our clients.
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A use case:

creating a relationship segmentation based on relationship with lead and capability to address them.

  • Segment 1: customers with a valid email address
  • Segment 2: prospects with a valid email address and that are non opt-out
  • Segment 3: external stake holders (influencers and partners) with a valid email address and non opt-out
  • Segment 4: employees with a valid email address
  • Default : all type of people that I should not even try to send an email to. I would prefer this to be call "non adressable".

Mostly, "Default" is not meaningful and therefore confusing to users sho do not know what to do with them.


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