Release Readiness

Release Readiness

Based on the discussions around the last couple releases (in summer 2015 we had to deal with the email editor upgrade fiasco and for winter 2016 it's the removal of "Is Anonymous" functionality), it's time that Marketo started a Release Readiness program.

This can be a place on Community dedicated to the quarterly releases. We will find webinars, schedules, early release notes, betas and a place to discuss the changes with the Product team. The goal is a proactive discussion between admins and Marketo product managers up to several months prior to the release.

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This is a great idea Emily!

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Excellent idea Emily!

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This is a great idea. I remember when the email editor changed and it was a bit of a shock to the system plus it didn't work fantastically at the time.

This would give the admins time to fully understand the changes and be the go-to person for the rest of the users.

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Great idea Emily Dick

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I love this idea!

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Love this idea

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