Reduce Number of Emails Shown in Flow Drop-Down

Reduce Number of Emails Shown in Flow Drop-Down

Currently, when you add a "Send Email" flow step, it pulls up EVERY approved email you have in your Marketo instance. It would be great if you could choose to only see the emails for your specific program.

We use templates and duplicate the program template every time we execute a similar program. That means that all invite emails we have in the system are named "Invitation" and it's very frustrating to sort through them all in order to find the one I'm looking for.

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This issue extends beyond email values.  It also happens with program names, landing pages, and some other assets.  While it might be difficult to determine a way to scale back the number of assets shown, perhaps there's a rule that always surfaces the assets within the local program to the top of the list (since that's often the value that we're looking for).

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Definitely! I completely agree. This is an issue that spans everything (especially landing pages and emails).

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Hi Dan,

Maybe a "see all in workspace" checkbox, uncheck by default, would enable to extend the search from "program only" to the whole workspace/instance.


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I had a similar thought. It would be simple, easy to navigate, and hopefully not too complicated to build.

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