Read-Only Form Field

Read-Only Form Field

Would like to have an option to switch specific form fields as read-only within Forms 2.0. 

In specific campaigns we may want customers to only confirm their email address on form submission, but not be able to edit the info we already hold. 

There is an article in the community for custom HTML that does this, but it's not an integrated option within Form Design. Would be simpler design-wise to have this as a native option within Forms 2.0.
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If you use "Fieldsets" in your forms, then you can make one fieldset of rich-text areas that would be displayed if the lead's email is already known. You can make the visibility rules for the fieldset "Show if Email Address is not empty" and then display the email address in a rich-text field that would be placed within the fieldset.
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Yes, I would also like the ability for a field on a form to be marked "read-only." For example, we'd like to set up a subscription center for our customers where we display their Customer ID. This field should not be editable; and therefore should be marked "read only."

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It's just so easy to do using JS.  Or if you happen to not care about IE 9-10, just CSS.

If you post a link to your form, I'll post back the Forms 2.0 JS to do it, which you can reuse.

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