Random Sample - Program/Email level


Random Sample - Program/Email level

We'd love to be able to use the advance filter "Random Sample" on a program level smart list.

Currently, because you cannot nest smart lists that use the random sample filter (makes sense), we're stuck with duplicating efforts--in setting up a program AND setting up a smart campaign (which allows us to use the random sample filter, and then use a flow action of "send email") -- OR -- de-automating our automation tool by exporting the random sample smart list and then uploading it to a static list that we can then use at the program/email level.

Real life example: We have a program template that we use -- all of our reporting is tied to the program -- the send list should be a random sample of List A, and all of List B. Because we have to random sample at the smart list in the lead database, and not at the program level, we can't call on the smart list (member of smart list = x). So, we have to export smart list x, and import it into a static list, which allows us to send to new/static List A (a sample) and all of List B.


Add the extra smart campaign which uses the flow step to send the email. Both are creating extra steps that at first glance seem unnecessary.

Maybe I'm missing something?

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I'm unclear on why you have to do it this way? Random Sample has pretty good docs now.

  • Member of Smart List you want to randomize for AB Testing
    • Flow Step: Add to List by X % with Choice Step, or use Send Email choice steps if Random Sample=X, then Email A, etc...
    • if you do Add to List first, then second flow step is If Member of List A, then Email A.
  • Could also do
    • Member of Smart List A and Member of List B
    • Random sample Add to List C (if member of List A)
    • if Member of Smart List (B and C) then do X.
    • so you'd need to build a couple of smart lists first.
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Thanks for the reply, Josh. This random sample isn't for A/B testing. I'm just looking to use a random sample of an existing list.

For example, if I have 10,000 contacts with the occupation of nurse, and I want to send a random sample of 6,000 an email.


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Hi Melissa,

Then this is already possible. Create a static list. Create a smart campaign that takes this smart list as a target. Add an "add to list flow step, add a choice to it, and in that choice, use a "random sample" filter, with a value of 60:



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Thank you for your reply Greg! I did think of that, but it's pretty similar to using the flow action send email that I mentioned above, in that it requires extra steps to set up a new static list each time (and then having to actually go back in and delete that static list to keep everything tidy.)

My idea is more about making it a quick process to have the random sample filter available at the program level. It's definitely not impossible to work around this, but still an idea!

Thanks again-


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You can also do the same thing with the Send Email flow step. The other 40% won't get anything.

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Yep - Marketo outlined that option for me and I cited it above. It still requires the setup of an additional Smart Campaign to use the flow action step send email. Thank you for your response though!

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